Richelle Futch, MSW
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Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my work! 

I am a serial entrepreneur!
As a clinical social worker, it is my goal to impact as many people and families as possible!
I am a Marine Corps Veteran, current Military Spouse (9 years), Mom of 3, Author/Inventor, and a supportive friend.  

Currently my passion is filled primarily with creating & coaching.   

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Her Ruck Book &  Workshops:

Her Ruck is a Book and Workshop series shedding the light on the lives and needs of military spouses. The book is launching May 2019, and workshops are currently available.  

* Identifying Emotional Load
*Reducing Vulnerabilities
*Coping With Crisis
*Emotion Regulation
*Building & Maintaining Relationships

Solution Focused Parenting

MY 30 day intensive POWER BACK PARENTING program is a REBOOT for parents to break behaviors that are no longer working and create new behaviors that will get results!
*Identify Specific Parent Vision
*Walking the Middle Path
*Building Strengths

FRIEND DUMP: It's Not Me, It's You!

Friendships are tough, but you are tougher! In this book I explain how to know if you should invite them in or kick em' to the curb! 

Watch for this book Winter 2019!
Have a story that should be in this book?  Contact me and let's talk.  

Children's Author

My first two books in my Behavior We Want Series will be available soon (2019).

* Don't Feed The Pig - gives parents and children a simple phrase to help combat problems with instant know wanting everything right now!  

*TIPS For A Unicorn- helps kids learn a great way to get their needs met in a way people actually want to say yes to them! 

This whole series will be great for Parents, Teachers, and Mental Health Counselors working with kids! 

Virtual Skills Trainer

I currently have a 12 week virtual DBT course for those wanting to learn and apply DBT skills but are having difficulty getting into an in person group.

I also have an advanced DBT group that meets live virtually  Wednesday evenings.

In the next year watch for my TEEN PROGRAM! 
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