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My 4 Step Process 
To stop overreacting & lashing out at loved ones!
On this webinar I will show you how to:
  • Have positive interactions with family members
  • Act from wisdom instead of emotion
  • Create lasting and deep friendships
  • Stop needing to control every situation
  • Feel proud instead of guilty

Richelle Futch, MSW

I'm a clinical social worker and like you, I used to rage, act impulsively, and damage relationships. Leading a 'NORMAL' life is within your sights. Let me share with you, what worked for me. I've been professionally trained in understanding emotions and want to show you what I learned

Testimonies from people who have implemented these steps

"I started using these skills and immediately saw results"  Andrew

"Simple changes in me created substantial changes in my life"  Cheri 

"My whole family benefited from learning these skills" Darlene

I promise if you apply these steps you will immediately see improvements in your relationships and interactions. - COPYRIGHT @ 2016 - Terms&Conditions Privacy Policy